rina nkulu

 fka rina nk 
hi, i'm rina
i'm a 19-year-old (b. 1998) congolese + filipina writer + artist + student in arizona (born in chicago)
i like to write about the internet, fashion, music, culture, youth, etc

twitter / instagram / blog

please contact me at rinankulu at gmail dot com


Sharper Image, for Real Life (2018)
Official Reports, a poem in Rookie (2017)
Immaterial Girls, for Real Life (2017)
After Odd Future, for Arena (2017)
How Many Lives Does Kendrick Lamar Have?, review for Arena (2017)
What Frank Ocean's "Chanel" Means to Me, as a Bisexual Woman, an article for Teen Vogue (2017)
Bridge Failure, a poem, in Rookie (2017)
hotep, a poem, in Queen Mob's Teahouse (2016)
3 poems (motionblindness, cnn's black in suburbia, and playing urban dictionary), in Sula Collective (2015)
Do You Doubt That?, a poem, in Rookie (2015)
Subcutaneous, a poem, in Duende Literary (2014)
2 poems (Yearning, Instruction Manual), in Blackberry: a magazine (2014)

other works

some art
words/thoughts/other poems on my blog 2015-
Isn't Being Just Very Slight? (2016/17)
Continued States [chapbook] (2016)
half-moon [zine] (2016)

other things I like